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The National Service Scheme unit of Yenepoya Physiotherapy College plays a crucial role in promoting social service and community engagement. Through our collective efforts we have been able to bring smiles to faces and create positive change. For the same, we organized several programmes in the field of health and education and have been making a real difference in the community. From organizing Amritha Samudhaya Abhivrudhi Yojane Survey Camp to Tribal screening camp, from participating in District, State Parliament to National Youth Festival, from Annual Special Camp to Mysore Tribal Camp, we have been actively involved in creating a positive impact. In addition to our community projects, we have also focused on empowering youth through campaigns such as Yogathon and Yenrun and have been actively involved in promoting Cancer awareness and Osteoarthritis of knee screening. One of our volunteers was also fortunate enough to participate in Y20 consultation organized by G20. In association with Akansha Charitable Trust, National Service Scheme of Yenepoya Physiotherapy College also organized a Grantha Mitra Training programme which showcases the diverse range of initiatives our college has undertaken. It’s incredible to see how our college has become a hub for social change. Through these endeavors we strive to create a better society and inspire others to join us in our journey in making a lasting difference.

Together, we are creating a better world one step a time!

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